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Main Title

Realm of the Lost Socks

Global Game Jam 2020 

Theme "Repair"

2D Unity Co-op Rhythm Game with MAXIMUM CUTENESS!!!

In the realm of lost socks, hundreds of socks are separated from each other everyday. Retrieving these lost socks are vital to the survival of the sock people , and a few selected ones are sent on the mission to save the realm! 

You play as Lily or Luca, who collects lost socks falling from the sky. You can only collect socks when the colors and patterns of the socks match, and you need to collect them, TO THE BEAT!


Play the game here!





My Role: Composer

Composition / Sound Design

Logic Pro Project Screenshot.png

Composed in Logic Pro X

Synthesizer: Massive, ES2

Drum Beats: Kontakt + Samples

ROTLS - OSTDelong "Miki" Lin
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