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Outclaw Game Trailer

Outclaw Gameplay

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Meet The Team

Outclaw is a Unity 2D adventure game I created with my five teammates for our 2D Game Development class in the Fall semester of 2019. Taking inspiration from games like Night in the Woods and Hollow Knight, Outclaw focuses on exploration, puzzle-solving, narrative, and characters and tells a story of a cat named Niko unraveling a secret behind the Yakuza while looking for its missing owner in a fictional Japanese city. In Outclaw, the player uses platforming to get around and gathers clues by interacting with different stray cats all around the city or sneaking through guarded areas with many unique abilities. Outclaw is the first full-scale game project that I saw from the start to the end. The overall positive game development experience convinced me to become a professional sound designer and game designer.

Development Timeline






Paper Prototyping
Minimum Viable Product in Unity
Green Light in Game Pitch


Mid-Production Progress Presentation
First Level Complete
1st and 2nd Playtest Event

Alpha Presentation
3rd Playtest Event
Huge Adjustmenht to the overal gameplay mechanic

Beta Presentation
4th Playtest Event


Gone Gold
Final Polish launch
End of Project

Game Concept and Mechanic

Core Dynamic
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Character Concept
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Core Mechanics 2
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Environment Concept
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Core Mechanics
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Core Aesthetics
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Personal Contribution

I am the sound designer and composer for this project. After a discussion about the overall art and narrative direction with my teammates, I settled on the nostalgic, sorrowful, and Asian-inspired for the music direction. Besides writing mainly in the Pentatonic scale and using Asian instrumentation, I asked my friends in Japan to send me some actual ambiances of the streets and shops of Tokyo to be used in the game for immersion. Since Outclaw is mainly a story-driven game in a 2D world, music can elicit a stronger response in emotional scenes and convey more messages about the settings than sound effects, I EQed the sound effects to make them less prominent in the mix. Finally, I used Unity's native audio engine to implement all the sounds.

Additionally, I collected feedback from local game industry professionals who came to our play-testing events and played our games.

Coming Soon Neon Light

Sound Design + Music Demo

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