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Heartfelt Game Trailer

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Heartfelt Gameplay Video

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Heartfelt is an Unreal 3D Action/Adventure game I created with my three teammates for our 3D Game Development class in the Spring semester of 2020. Combining cutesy art styles with unforgiving combat difficulty, Heartfelt is a short game that pays tributes to both The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and the Dark Souls series. The player plays as Luca, who wakes up after a long slumber only to find a sword in hand and monsters roaming around the land. To recover the memory, the player needs to fight the way out of the forest and slay the great dragon. 

Meet The Team

​Reed Giunta

Scrum Master

Mindy Chi


Justin Wu

Technical Artist


Delong "Miki" Lin

Sound Designer

Game Concept and Mechanic

Personal Contribution

As the audio designer, I was introduced to the Heartfelt team by the professor to make up for the loss of talents who left due to creative differences one month before the final release of the game. Working on two projects at the same time (Heartfelt and Shoo,box!) presented me with great challenges both on time management and commitment. To meet the deadline while creating an overall satisfying gameplay experience, I opted for free game soundtracks available on the internet and put all my focus on game sound design that improves the combat feeling the most. The final product is sonically less than ideal, but playtesters are generally satisfied with the audio design.

Coming Soon Neon Light

Sound Design + Music Demo

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